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The All New Samsung S20 Ultra

Every year there is one smartphone which stands out among all the releases and there is so much anticipation among people regarding the release of a particular smartphone which is touted to be the best one and that hype was being attached with the new Samsung S20 and Samsung S20 ultra,it is well and truly a masterpiece and you wouldn’t have used any smartphone like this one because the specs that Samsung S20 ultra offers are unmatched and no other phone comes close when it comes to display, performance and camera advancements.

There aren’t many downsides of buying the S20 ultra as the highlights of the phone are so prominent that these overcome the few things which we can say that are areas where to the manufacturers weren’t too kind on us, mainly the $1400 asking price is something which might put off a lot of buyers because not everyone is that enthusiastic about owning a good smartphone and not wanting to spend that much on a smartphone is completely understandable, but still the buy s20 has the features which will push you to spend on this amazing smartphone. If you are someone who loves to a good display and one with better speed because previously smartphones with better displays have been found to be slow, S20 ultra is quick yet the display is a delight,although there is a common complaint that the camera quality isn’t consistent but the camera updates will only make it better as the company will surely come up with an update soon that will enhance the camera experience. If you are a Samsung user already you would love the upgrades here but if you have previously not liked the design, camera attributes and software then it might not convince you anyway.

May 28, 2020