Cruising with Jane McDonald

Cruising with Jane McDonald is back!

With January the biggest month for bookings in the cruising industry, just after Christmas is when people start to think about their next getaway. Therefore, Channel 5’s Cruising with Jane McDonald’s highly anticipated third series comes at just the right time to help you see what’s out there and choose the perfect cruise for you this year.

Jane McDonald

Hailing from Wakefield, Jane McDonald is as famous for her stints on legendary daytime TV show Loose Women as she is for her singing career. Starting out as a cruise singer in the 1990s and finding fame on the hit BBC1 docusoap The Cruise, Jane’s history of cruising makes her perfectly qualified to go on trips all over the world in order to selflessly show the British public what cruising options are out there for us. With her cheeky northern charm, down to earth airs and genuine joy for all things cruise, there’s surely no one better than Jane to present cruising holidays to the nation.

The Show

Jane’s first two series of Cruising with Jane McDonald were unbelievably popular. At almost two million, nearly as many Brits tuned in for the Christmas Special on 6th January as went cruising all last year. So far, Jane’s been everywhere from the Hebrides to the Caribbean, often on packages and ships available to book with Iglu Cruise. Notable mentions are her journey to Budapest and Vienna on a classic Danube river cruise in Series 1 and even an exotic Alaska expedition, complete with a helicopter trip, as well as her last jolly up the Rhine to see Europe’s finest Christmas markets as the finale of Series 2.

Now, Jane’s back again for a much celebrated third series where she continues on her one woman mission to take a look beyond the stereotypes of the cruising industry and see just how accessible and varied it all really is. From grand ocean voyages to Alaskan expeditions and quaint river cruises, Jane won’t stop till she’s found everyone a cruise to choose.

The New Series

In the first episode of the new series Jane’s off up the California coast with Princess Cruise’s Ruby Princess. A huge floating city, complete with swimming pools, outdoor cinemas and a West End level theatre to entertain up to 3,600 passengers. On the way up the Golden State, Jane sees some of the USA’s most famous sites from the stars of Hollywood’s walk of fame and the iconic sign over the city itself before spotting the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the famous cable cars. Finally, she’s back on the ship for a rather peculiar chocolate massage as they sail south to San Diego for a go on the world’s highest rollercoaster.

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In the second episode of the third series Jane is off to Iceland, truly a land of unrivalled natural beauty and phenomena. From the decks of the cosy Ocean Diamond, a hardy ice-breaker, Jane sees the dramatic shores of Iceland’s coasts before staring up at the ethereal night sky to take in the awe-inspiring Northern Lights. While on land during her nine day cruise adventure Jane sees the sights in many tongue-twisting locations that are seemingly out of this world. From whale watching to petting puffins at a local bird sanctuary and taking a dip in the famous hot thermal geysers, Jane caps it all off with a visit to the fascinating capital of Reykjavik and bows out with a rendition of Björk.

In the third episode Jane heads east for a river cruise along the exotic Mekong River. The twelfth longest river in the world, we follow Jane through both Vietnam and Cambodia aboard the Amadara. This vessel provides a luxurious experience with a nod to the region’s French colonial past. Jane dodges mopeds as she explores the temples of Vietnam’s capital of Ho Chi Minh and discovers ancient temples in Cambodia including Angkor Wat, one of the oldest religious monuments in the world. Along the way, Jane meets a myriad of characters and samples local delicacies but the main question has to be; what song will she sing us off with this week?


In the fourth and final episode, Jane’s steaming up the legendary Mississippi River. Starting her trip in New Orleans, Jane takes in the jazz scene and raucous atmosphere of the city before hopping aboard the American Steamboat Company’s American Queen – the world’s largest paddle-steam boat. With its grand, Victorian décor, the American Queen is the perfect vessel to take in the stunning scenery of the USA’s Deep South and traverse the history of the Mississippi, seeing sites such as the Oak Alley sugar plantation and Louisiana State Penitentiary. To cap it off with her usual musical finale, Jane makes a pilgrimage to Graceland, once the home of, but now shrine to, the one and only Elvis Presley.

Cruising with Jane McDonald Series 3 Episode 4 airs 9pm, Friday 2nd March 2018 on Channel 5.

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